Friday, July 30, 2010

CentFast2India – Bank Neutral Funds transfer channel

CentFast2India – Bank Neutral Funds transfer channel

Central Bank of India, has launched a new product - CentFast2India
The FAQ’s are @
Centfast2India is a channel for remitting funds online from the United States to India.
The highlights are :
01)  Customer can transfer from any US Bank Account to any Bank Account in India.
02)  Once the initial registration is over, Central Bank of India, remits 2 sub-dollar transactions to the Remitter’s Bank Account.
03)  Once the Remitter conforms the receipt of the 2 sub-dollar transactions in his Bank Account, the CentFast2India service is activated for the Remitter.
04)  The test transactions are a security procedure to validate the ownership of the Remitting Account.
05)  The funds can be transferred via
a)      Electronic Deposit – to most banks in India, - the NEFT Platform is used here
b)      Direct Deposit – Direct Deposit to any Central Bank of India Bank Account.
c)       Cheque Issue.
The Charges are:
The service fee for each transfer is dependent on the payment method you choose.  
Electronic Deposit:
$ 8.00

$ 8.00

Direct Deposit:
$ 8.00

The FAQ’s on the Bank site are simple and comprehensive.
As the above channel, is Bank Independent, both in U.S.A. and India, Central Bank of India, will be able to attract a large number of customers.