Monday, August 16, 2010

India’s Bid for Asian Games 2019.

Today’s Post is regarding the India’s Bid for Asian Games 2019.

Yes, the hype surrounding   the Commonwealth Games 2010, has put the Government on a back-foot, and now the Central Government has decided not to Bid for the Asian Games 2019.

But as a stray thought, which city in India, is the best for Asian Games 2019.

To me Bangalore and Mysore can co-host the Games.

Yes, you have read it right, Bangalore and Mysore can be the co-hosts.

Why Bangalore and Mysore for Asian Games 2019?

01)   Mysore – The major attraction is the Infosys training academy. This can be used as a Games Village. I am sure, Infosys, would be glad to lend its Infrastructure for a noble cause.

02)   The Airport is ready, and the games would be a catalyst for it’s zoom-off.

03)   The inter-connectivity between Bangalore and Mysore is good.

Or, if not Bangalore and Mysore, than Bangalore/Mysore and Chennai for Asian Games 2019.  

The budget would be very high for a single city to bear and the State Government too would not like to bear the enormous financial burden.

Hence, the Games can be split into two nearby cities. This way, both the cities, Bangalore/Mysore and Chennai will benefit by Asian Games 2019.

Who will bell the Cat?

Like it or not, politicians have to drive the Bid. 

To my mind, the names of Sri.M.K.Stalin or Sri.Dayanidhi Maran, immediately pop-up.

From Karnataka, Sri.S.M.Krishna or Sri.Krishna Byre Gowda can lead from Karnataka.

Yes, this is time to Politicians to unite, and show their caring side.