Sunday, August 1, 2010

CentFast2India - Revenue Model

Today’s post is with regarding the Revenue Model for CentFast2India.

I was wondering as to how Central Bank of India, aims to earn revenue from CentFast2India.

The following are my thoughts:
As CentFast2India, is a Bank Neutral ePayments channel, how would Central Bank of India, generate revenue to ensure CentFast2India, is a Revenue earner for the Bank, and not a loser.

CentFast2India is positioned as a Loss leader by Central Bank of India.

The chief revenues for CentFast2India are the Service Charges of $8 per transaction.

Apart from the Service Charges, the indirect benefits of CentFast2India
01)  Building an image amongst NRI’s in U.S.A.
02)  Building up a database, to attract CASA accounts.

To me the second point, seems to the most attractive feature of CentFast2India