Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corporation Bank and Mega Mart (Arvind Mills)

            The other day, I had gone to a Mega Mart Large format Store for Dasara Shopping in Bangalore. The name board, huge in size, attracted me and my friends. It was special, and I believe, a first in Indian market.

            Corporation Bank’s advertisement for its Saving Bank Product was wrapped on the MegaMart Name board.

As the Name Board is placed on the sides of a busy road, this advertisement was attracting a lot of eye-balls for its individuality.

I am not sure, whose idea this was, Corporation Bank’s or Mega Mart, but it has hit the bull-eye. What is more surprising is that Corporation Bank is a Public Sector Bank, and to expect this sort of innovativeness is a bit rare.

AS the major festival season starts with Ganesh Festival and ends with Diwali, this is a peak time, to attract viewers to the advertisement.

Trust many more ground-breaking Bank advertisements will bloom in the coming festival season.

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