Monday, October 11, 2010

HDFC Bank – Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

HDFC Bank –  Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

I have found that Bank’s Career Page is a good source of information for my Articles in Innovation in Banking

Today morning was just browsing HDFC Bank’s career page, and one Opening which caught my eye was the
“Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

The objectives of this Position set my mind thinking and I stumbled on this article in today’s Economic Times
“HDFC Bank to sell home-loans through customer-friendly web” @

Well, the matter was clear now, HDFC Bank was intends to discover new routes to 

01)  Attract more visitors  to it’s website 

02)  Attract quality customer’s into its Loan Portfolio

03)  Squeeze more out of less

04)  Improve the strike-rate of its Touch Points

Yes, in this connection the “Website Improvement & Traffic Manager”, has an important role to play. But, as the results can be easily measured, the performance of the “Website Improvement & Traffic Manager” can be tracked seamlessly.

I was browsing the web, to locate what other companies offer Webchat. 

Unfortunately, I was unlucky, could not trace any other companies’ name. Or, maybe I was keying the wrong search words i.e WEBCHAT IN INDIA.

The key benefits of Web chat to me are

A)  The prospect initiates the request. Hence, there are high chances of the deal being closed

B)  The whole chat can be recorded, so chances of mis-selling are minimized

C)  The Chat Agent can be moved and replaced with a more experienced Chat Agent, in case of complex questions during the Chat. This is not possible, in case of Voice Call

D)   A single Chat Agent can handle more than 1 prospect. This is not possible in case of Voice Call.

What I wish: 

That the window of Online Specialists is increased to at least 18 hours a day and is also available on Holidays. 

This is because, I feel, that the current window i.e 9.00am is 6.30pm, is when the Prospects are chiefly engaged in office work.