Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SB Interest on Daily Balances

On 1st October, 2010, I got a SMS from my Bank, informing Rs435/- has been credited to my Bank Account.

This was a bit surprising, as I was not expecting any credit to my SB Account.
On calling up the Bank's Call Centre, I was informed that the Rs435/-, is towards the SB interest.

I can only say W O W.
The source of this credit can be traced to the following Reserve Bank of India circular

So folks and go and check your Saving Bank Account.
And, yes, if you have not received any credit from the Bank,

01) Mail them
02) Phone their Call Centre
03) Talk to your local Bank Officer

Yes, feedback is expected.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

HDFC Bank – Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

HDFC Bank –  Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

I have found that Bank’s Career Page is a good source of information for my Articles in Innovation in Banking

Today morning was just browsing HDFC Bank’s career page, and one Opening which caught my eye was the
“Website Improvement & Traffic Manager

The objectives of this Position set my mind thinking and I stumbled on this article in today’s Economic Times
“HDFC Bank to sell home-loans through customer-friendly web” @

Well, the matter was clear now, HDFC Bank was intends to discover new routes to 

01)  Attract more visitors  to it’s website 

02)  Attract quality customer’s into its Loan Portfolio

03)  Squeeze more out of less

04)  Improve the strike-rate of its Touch Points

Yes, in this connection the “Website Improvement & Traffic Manager”, has an important role to play. But, as the results can be easily measured, the performance of the “Website Improvement & Traffic Manager” can be tracked seamlessly.

I was browsing the web, to locate what other companies offer Webchat. 

Unfortunately, I was unlucky, could not trace any other companies’ name. Or, maybe I was keying the wrong search words i.e WEBCHAT IN INDIA.

The key benefits of Web chat to me are

A)  The prospect initiates the request. Hence, there are high chances of the deal being closed

B)  The whole chat can be recorded, so chances of mis-selling are minimized

C)  The Chat Agent can be moved and replaced with a more experienced Chat Agent, in case of complex questions during the Chat. This is not possible, in case of Voice Call

D)   A single Chat Agent can handle more than 1 prospect. This is not possible in case of Voice Call.

What I wish: 

That the window of Online Specialists is increased to at least 18 hours a day and is also available on Holidays. 

This is because, I feel, that the current window i.e 9.00am is 6.30pm, is when the Prospects are chiefly engaged in office work.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corporation Bank and Mega Mart (Arvind Mills)

            The other day, I had gone to a Mega Mart Large format Store for Dasara Shopping in Bangalore. The name board, huge in size, attracted me and my friends. It was special, and I believe, a first in Indian market.

            Corporation Bank’s advertisement for its Saving Bank Product was wrapped on the MegaMart Name board.

As the Name Board is placed on the sides of a busy road, this advertisement was attracting a lot of eye-balls for its individuality.

I am not sure, whose idea this was, Corporation Bank’s or Mega Mart, but it has hit the bull-eye. What is more surprising is that Corporation Bank is a Public Sector Bank, and to expect this sort of innovativeness is a bit rare.

AS the major festival season starts with Ganesh Festival and ends with Diwali, this is a peak time, to attract viewers to the advertisement.

Trust many more ground-breaking Bank advertisements will bloom in the coming festival season.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Uniform Template for lodging of complaints relating to ATM transactions

Uniform Template for lodging of complaints relating to ATM transactions

This is the Uniform template for lodging of ATM Transaction related complaints, across Banks in India.
Simple Tips to make this positive to the Customer
a)     Fill the form in 2 copies
b)    One copy hand over to the Bank Official
c)     On the 2nd copy, obtain the Bank Official’s acknowledgment

To : The Branch Manager
-------------------------------------------------------------------- (Name of the Bank) *
-------------------------------------------------------------------- (Name of the Branch)
- ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Name of the City)

1. Customer Information :
Name of the Customer :
Account No. :
Debit Card/ATM Card No. :

2. ATM Information :
ATM ID/Location, if ID
is not available :
Name of the ATM Bank :

3. Nature of the Complaints :
a) Complaint relating to Cash withdrawal :
Amount requested for withdrawal : (Rs. )
Amount actually disbursed at ATM : (Rs. )
Amount to the account debited : (Rs. )
Date of transaction : ( / / ) (mm/dd/yy )
Time of transaction : ( )

b) Card Capture by ATM : ( )

c) Other Complaints :

Date: / / Signature of the Card Holder

Contact Tel/Mobile No.
*(Name of the bank branch where the card holder account is maintained, which is linked to the
ATM card)
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