Thursday, January 20, 2011

DhanLaxmi Gift Card

DhanLaxmi Gift Card

Dhanlaxmi has expanded its Alternate Payments Portfolio, by introducing the DhanLaxmi Gift Card

Dhanlaxmi Bank Gift Card is a rupee denominated, pre-paid, non-reloadable card.

It can be used at any of the over 450,000 Visa enabled merchant outlets across the country that possess a Point of Sale terminal (POS)

The Press Release of can be accessed @

I was just wondering, with no festivals in the near future, what could be DhanLaxmi Bank’s strategy in launching Gift Cards now?.

What is a Pre-paid, Non-refundable card?

Basically, it’s the same as a regular prepaid card – a payment card preloaded with your own money, which you can then use to make purchases wherever the payment card is accepted.

 But with one major difference. As the name suggests, this type of card is non reloadable – meaning that once you have spent the money loaded onto it, the card is no longer usable and is disposed of. 

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