Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UIDAI Tenders – Should funds move in Paper Mode or Electronic Mode ?

UIDAI Tenders – Should funds move in Paper Mode or Electronic Mode ?

Let me confess, I am a bit confused as to where to position the UIDAI or the AADHAR, as it is now called.

Will it fit in Safe ePayments, Innovation in Banking or Simply Banking?

For the time being, AADHAR Blog Posts will be in Innovation in Banking.

Ok, where do I start off?

There are plenty of sites on UIDAI/AADHAR.

Each site is doing a wonderful job in spreading the role of UIDAI/AADHAR.

As with everything new, there are plus and minuses of UIDAI/AADHAR

I will be concentrating on the Plus Points and hope that the Minuses will be converted into Pluses on the way.

The basic question is what AADHAR is?
As per UIDAI site, it is a 12 digit numbers.

Clarity is required what is the relevance of each digit in the 12 number strands. Maybe it is too early for this information to be made public.

Several articles have been published on the AADHAR’s dependence for opening Bank Accounts i.e promoting electronic payments.

can be clicked for a introduction on UIDAI vision on micropayments.

But, what I find strange is that UIDAI still relies on Paper Instruments i.e Demand Drafts for purchase of of its tender documents

For eg:


The tender document containing eligibility criterion, scope of work, terms & conditions and draft agreement can be obtained from the undersigned by remitting an amount of Rs. 500/- in cash or DD in favour of    “PAO, UIDAI” or downloaded from the  website www.uidai.gov.in.

Those who download the tender document from website should enclose an additional DD for Rs 400.00 in favour of “PAO, UIDAI”, payable at New Delhi, along with their tender bid in the Cover-I “Technical Bid. The bid security (EMD) of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) should be paid by Demand Draft in favour of “PAO, UIDAI” payable at New Delhi


As a fanatic of Safe ePayments I would have preferred the funds to move in the Electronic Mode i.e National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

This would have also sent the right signals about ePayments to the followers of UIDAI

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