Monday, February 14, 2011

Federal Bank – Business Class

Federal Bank – Business Class

Federal Bank, become the first Indian Bank to offer its High Net worth Customers, access to Business Class Lounge facility at CIAL, Nedumbassery.

The Business Class Lounge facility at CIAL, Nedumbassery, is jointly maintained by Taj Hotels Group and Singapore Airlines.

FedSelect customer of the Bank would be issued an admit card from the Bank's Currency Exchange Bureau at the Airport which is to be used at the lounge to avail the facility.

Q: What are Business Class Lounges?

Ans: Business Class Lounges are private areas, within an Airport, with provisions to enhance comfort for frequent travelers/business class/first class passengers.

In the earlier days, the Lounges were maintained by individual airlines or airline alliances. However, with the era of outsourcing, the present day Lounges are maintained by Hospitality chains and the various airlines tie up with the chains. This is a win-win situation for all the players.

The travelers have access to high-end facilities and the shared facilities do not burn a hole in the airlines budget. As a differentiator, the Airlines appoint dedicated staff to cater to their customers.

Access to the Airport Lounges can be through fees, frequent traveler schemes, high-end credit cards.

And now, if you are a Federal Bank high net worth customer, you can access the lounge.

Through this, Federal Bank has opened up a new business opportunity for the Business Lounge operators. Of course, the same technique can be refined further by other Banks.

In the end, the customer is the ‘King’.

Cheers, Federal Bank