Monday, March 7, 2011

Indian Bank  – ATM Withdrawal Failure Complaints

Indian Bank has launched an exclusive channel for its ATM Card Holders to lodge complaints regarding ATM Withdrawal Failures.

Indian Bank customers and now lodge ATM withdrawal complaints online.

The link is @

Well, folks might wonder what is so innovative about this.

The following are the distinct features about Indian Bank’s channel.
01)                      In majority of the Banks, the customers have to contact their Base Branch to lodge the complaints.
02)                      In few Banks complaint can be lodged via the Tele Helpline or logging a complaint on the Bank’s website. There was no dedicated channel.
03)                      Another distinctive feature of Indian Bank is the Unique Serial Number for each complaint. And later the complaint status can be verified online, instead of contacting the Base Branch.

The Online feature will : -
Motivate employees to adhere to the deadlines, as the status is transparent
Spur more and more Indian Bank customers to opt for ATM withdrawals, as complaint lodgment is easy

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