Sunday, April 3, 2011

Axis Bank – India Travel Card

Axis BankIndia Travel Card
It was such a simple idea, staring at all Banking professionals, but no one thought off. Kudos to Axis Bank, for coming up with this thoughtful product for visitors from abroad.

Well, I am referring to the Axis Bank – India Travel Card

India Travel Card is India’s first and only Indian Currency prepaid travel card for 
foreign nationals and non-resident Indians travelling to India.

 The brief overview can be viewed @

Well, in majority of the newspapers whether print or online, the contents are the same. So as a sample, only a single link is provided here @

The card is available at a large network of Licensed Money Changers and 192 designated branches of Axis Bank.

Initially the Product will be available at designated Axis Bank Branches and later at licensed money changers too.

One unique safe mechanism of the India Travel Card is that the Card Holder can set up daily withdrawal limits at POS terminals via Axis Bank Internet Banking site. This thoughtful feature will minimize impulsive purchases.

It is two months since the launch of India Travel Card, and the sales must be Zooming up.

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