Sunday, October 2, 2011

Andhra Bank - Prepaid Card and International Travel Card. How are they?

Andhra Bank has entered the Prepaid Gift Card and the International Travel Card business by launch of the two products on 01/10/2011

The link to a news article on this, can be accessed at : -

The link for the Gift Card Application can be accessed at the following: -

However the product details are not yet updated on the Bank's website.

So, the present sources of information for the Prepaid Gift Card and International Travel Card are the Andhra Bank's branches or news articles on the site.

However, there is online portal for Git Card customers to self-manage their Gift Card.

Hm, the self-care portal, is not activated for Google Chrome, however it is working fine in Internet Explorer.

The Prepaid card has been launched with MasterCard as the Card partner and  allows the customers,  to make purchases in stores, online or over the phone,  where MasterCard prepaid cards are accepted (both in India and overseas).

Purchases can be made only up-to the initial value loaded and is not re-loadable.And, the balance is valid for 12 months, from the date of loading into the card.