Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SMS ‘Unhappy’, State Bank of Mysore. Will you do it?

State Bank of Mysore, too has jumped on to the mobile compliant resolution platform.
It has recently launched a introduced a customer friendly initiative called ‘SMS Unhappy', which will allow customers to express dissatisfaction regarding services of the bank by sending a cellular message 'unhappy'.
The ‘unhappy' message should be sent to 9900020002.
The process in brief is as under: -
01) Customer sends the ‘unhappy’, message to 9900020002
02) An automated acknowledgement is received by the customer.
03) A call is received from the Bank’s ‘Happy Room’, to note down the grievance.
04) The grievance is flashed to the concerned Bank Manager/Unit Head under copy to the bank's controllers at the regional offices, administrative office and the head office.
05) The grievance is attended too, and resolved.
06) A final SMS is sent to the customer, informing that the grievance is resolved.

State Bank of Mysore is 98years old, with 700 + branches spread all over the country. The bank branches chiefly concentrated in Karnataka state.
The main architect behind the establishment of the Bank, was the great Engineer-Statesman,Late Dr.Sir M.Visvesvaraya.
under the patronage of the erstwhile Govt. of Mysore.
In 1960, State Bank of Mysore, become the subsidiary of State Bank of India, and the present status is Associate Bank under the State Bank Group.