Sunday, October 2, 2011

State Bank of India 13,500 + branches working on Gandhi Jayanthi

Today, Bellary the famous mining town in Karnataka, was once again in the news. Today, it was not due to the mining activity, but as being a cause for disruption of State Bank of India, CBS on 01/10/2011.

Due to a satellite link failure at Bellary, the banking operations in SBI's Pan-India branches got hit.

A complete break-down of the CBS is a rare event, that too for more than couple of hours. 

However, SBI officials have raised to the occasion and a full working day was declared on 02/10/2011, to minimise the anger caused to it's customers.

This is an exemplary customer-friendly initiative from SBI, which will be appreciated by all it's customers.

As this is first of it's kind, there was no precedence too for SBI.
I am sure, the 01/10/2011, is good for Indian Banking system, and by now, top officials of RBI and other leading banks, must be contemplating steps to avoid repetition of the same.

However, there is not yet any Press Release from SBI on it's official website