Sunday, November 20, 2011

World Series Hockey 2011 - Let it take place!!

The World Series Hockey 2011, is expected to start on 17/12/2011, and already Hockey players are being warned not to part of it.
In case of participation, they risk of being not considered for National team opporutunities.

More on the World Series Hockey 2011, can be read @

As a sports enthusiast, it makes sense for me for WSH 2011 to happen. Simple, this is ‘the opportunity’, Indian Hockey players to earn some decent money.
It is irrelevant to ponder who are the sponsors, as the only aim in life is to earn money.

Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India, should keep aside their differences atleast for this WSH 2011 series and let the players and the viewers have a great time.

Once WSH 2011 is over, they can go back to their warring ways.

Indian VolleyBall League, Karnataka Badminition League, have helped players to earn decent money and at the same time, engaged people’s attention.

The same is expected of WSH 2011, and many hockey lovers are looking forward to WSH 2011. Give Hockey a chance in it’s motherland.