Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Use icici bank atms to educate 250 children

                ICICI Bank is requesting its bank customers to exclusively use their own Bank ATMs to withdraw cash via emailers.  Every time a bank customer withdraw cash at the banks ATMs in Bengaluru, ICICI Bank, contributes their own funds, towards the education of street children.

So, the more you use ICICI Banks ATMs, the sooner can these children go to school.

Please spread the message among your family and friends and help make a difference.

As the base city of the customer is mentioned in the advertisement, ICICI Bank seems to rely on targeted advertisements, to encourage their bank customers.

It is a well known fact, that the servicing cost at ATM is 1/4th of the branch servicing cost. The only point is whether bank customers would like to withdraw money from an ATM, even if they really do not require at the moment.

However, this is good combination of business and CSR by financial institutions to promote their brand image and at the same time, roll out a CSR activity.

Looking forward to the closing mail of this CSR campaign.

For every withdrawal, ICICI Bank will donate 25 paise to educate street children. The collected amount will be then handed over to an NGO through GiveIndia to educate 250 street children. Non-ICICI Bank customers are also welcome.