Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Syndicate Bank – Press Release – ALL IS WELL

            Syndicate Bank is suddenly in the news for the last two days. They say one way to attain fame, is to become notorious.
            Over the years the Bank has won numerous awards. The feather in the cap was when  ‘Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank’,  (sponsored by SyndicateBank) was selected by the A.P. Govt. as the Best Bank in the State in the field of agriculture financing.
            Syndicate Banks everlasting contribution to Indian banking is the introduction of Pigmy Deposit Scheme.
            Buoyed by the success of Pigmy Deposit Scheme, over the years, many other banks adopted the same.
            Today, to safeguard its interests and its customers interest Syndicate Bank released a Press Release, the highlight as the ALL IS WELL message.
            Yes, ALL IS WELL in Syndicate Bank, go ahead and continue to Bank with Syndicate Bank