Friday, April 3, 2015

BOI EazyPay – Experience now

          Are you feeling lazy to transfer money by visiting your bank’s internet/mobile banking app.  Well, help is at hand. Bank of India announces a new digital way to transfer money or pay bills.

          This new digital channel has been christened as BOI EazyPay.

          Setup is simple and also the transfer is smooth and seamless.

          Read here for the process flow. Isn’t it uncomplicated?

          There are transactions charges, however as an introductory offer, there are NIL transaction charges. Depending on the adaptability, the charges will be announced in near future.

          In the first stages, the transactions are designed only for Visa branded debit/credit cards holders only.

BOI EazyPay technology rides on the ‘paynimo’, platform developed by TechProcess.

Brief History of Bank of India.

TechProcess company overview.