Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book eTicket for Taj Mahal-Pinnacle of Love worldwide

          Visitors both Indian nationals and foreigners require a valid ticket to enter the Taj Mahal complex in Agra

          The entry rates are as below:
  • Free entry :  Children below 15 years
  • Indian Visitors :  Total Rs.20/- (Rs.10/- by ASI as Entry fee and Rs.10/- by ADA as Toll tax).
  • Citizen of  SAARC and BIMSTEC countries : Total Rs.510/- (Rs.10/- by ASI as Entry fee and Rs.500.00 by ADA as Toll tax).
  • Other Foreign Visitor :  Total Rs.750/- (Rs.250/- by ASI as Entry fee and Rs.500/- by ADA as Toll tax)

To enhance visitor delight, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI),  along with IRCTC has developed on online eTicket platform which can be accessed here.
Advantages for visitors:
a)     No need for visitors to wait in the hot sun for the tickets.
b)    Can spend more time inside the monument complex savouring the Monument of Love.
c)     Learn Safe eTransactions.

Advantages for Archaeological Survey of India (ASI):
01)  Reduce the rush at the ticket counters.
02) Estimate the number of visitors in advance.
03) Decrease the TAT in handling the tickets and associated physical currency.