Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ICICI Bank Unifare Card expands its horizons-5 Additional features required

          Delhi metro commuters already enjoy the charm of ICICI Bank Unifare Card. The ICICI Bank Unifare Card is available in both credit and debit card versions.
          Commuters as per their preference can choose the credit card or the debit card.
          The credit card comes with a preloaded amount of INR100 to enable the metro commuters to use their card from Day 1.
Otherwise the Delhi Metro Transit chip in the ICICI Bank Unifare Credit Card will be automatically recharged with Rs.200, when the balance on the chip drops below Rs.100. Of course, this top up amount will be debited to your ICICI Bank Unifare Credit Card and will reflect in the monthly statement.

The debit card has similar top up facility through debit to the linked savings bank account.

A similar facility has been launched for Bangalore commuters too. Bangalore Metro Commuters too have the choice of debit card or credit card variants.

5 Additional Features required:-

01)  Delhi Unifare card to be valid in Bangalore Metro too.
02) Bangalore Unifare card to be valid in Delhi too.
03) Bonus loyalty points for students, senior citizens.
04) Express entrance gates for Unifare Card Holders.
05) Default issuance of Unifare Card in Metro catchment branches