Sunday, May 10, 2015

11 ways to make your Myntra App experience better

          Come May 15,2015 and Myntra shopping site will shut down. Do not worry; you can continue shop through Myntra App on your Smartphone.

Click on this link to know more about Myntra move to only an App feature.

01)  Shop only Wifi is enabled on your smartphone.

02) A high resolution phone is preferred.

03) A wide screen phone is preferred.

04) Cross check the offers on hand.

05) Check your SMSs for special offers.

06) There can be financial offers i.e cash back, discount etc

07) There can be non-financial offers i.e Buy 3-Buy 1 etc.

08) Check the packages immediately on receipt.

09) Do not opt for frequent refunds/returns.

10)  Get used only App features.

11)  Any more tips?

Benefits of only a Mobile App eCommerce can be read here.