Monday, September 21, 2015

Small Finance Bank - Disha Microfin Private Ltd., Ahmedabad

     One unique feature of DISHA MICROFIN  is that Hundred % of its borrowers are all women!!

     DISHA MICROFIN  started its operations in 2009-10. In the first year of its operations it had 6 branches which scaled up to 71 branches as on 31st March, 2015.

     It increased its coverage from 236 villages to 8612 villages. Its operates through Joint Lending Groups (JLGs’)

     It’s sphere is influence are under-banked but credit-worthy rural and semi urban households in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

     Loan Management is done through a fully Integrated Technology Network. The ability to access real time reports, enhances DISHA MICROFIN  Team’s decision making capabilities.

Disha manages its loan process through 3 distinct technology systems during each phase of loan sourcing and origination, processing and post-disbursal.

CAMS - Loan origination and documentation system for automation of loan processing & credit check to approval phase.
Financial Accounting & Management Information System (e-FIMO) - Web based technology solution for process and operations management adding to the operational efficiencies and improving our bottom-line.
Mobile based field force automation system (m-FIMO)- m-FIMO removes manual accounting of collections and renders the process more efficient and error free. m-FIMO is one of the main efficiency enabler in the field process and has also emerged as the main differentiator for Disha vis-Ã -vis other microfinance players.

    DISHA MICROFIN  believes in emergency loans similar to PMJDY overdraft facility. The maximum amount of the Emergency Loan is INR5000/-  repayable over 12 fortnightly or 6 monthly installments.  

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