Saturday, November 14, 2015

AIRLINE FARE “No check-in baggage, only Hand Baggage”


In a bid to attract more and more passengers to avail air services, airlines in India are adopting price cut tactics.
          One of the tactics to reduce the ticket cost, is to provide incentives for passengers having only Hand Baggage i.e no Check-In Baggage
          The flip side of this offer was heavy penalty in case the passenger turned up with Check-in Baggage.
          There were no policy directions in this regard.
          However, with the recent DGCA Circular No Tariff/1/2013-AED dt. 8th November 2015, Airlines in India on domestic sector flights can offer fare’s with “No check-in baggage, only Hand Baggage” condition.
                Passengers opting under this Fare program and turning up at the check in counter with Check-In Baggage will have to pay the extra charges as per the existing terms and conditions of the respective airlines.
                As the switch from Check-in baggage only to Hand Baggage is a last minute decision, the additional charges have to be remitted to the Airlines before the Boarding Pass is issued.
                What will be the preferred mode of Airlines to collect these charges from the passengers?
A)     Cash
B)      Debit / Credit Card
C)      Electronic Wallets
Any feedback?
Other services which may be purchased prior to Issuance of Boarding Pass are
1.     Preferential seating
2.     Meal/snack/drink charges (except drinking water)
3.     Charges for using airline lounges
4.      Check-in baggage charges
5.     Sports equipment charges
6.     Musical instrument carriage
7.     Fee for special declaration of valuable baggage (allow for higher unit on
carrier liability)

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