Sunday, November 29, 2015

The ascent and ascent of Jan Dhan Accounts

          A paradigm shift has been going in the Indian Banking sector in the last 15 months.

          The announcement of PMJDY was greeted with much scepticism.

          The PMJDY was a Pan-India program designed to touch majority of unbanked Indians with minimal banking facilities.

          The initial uncertainties were ironed out and the glitches were fixed.
          The enrolment under PMJDY is increasing day by day. 

          As and when Aadhaar numbers get linked to the PMJDY account, deduplication exercise can be carried out.

          This deduplication exercise though will reduce the total numbers of accounts will benefit in terms of

  • ·       low number of zero accounts,
  • ·       increase in average balances,
  • ·       increase in banking transactions,

The spin-off of PMJDY has started to permeate the banking system and in the coming years the full benefits will be felt across India.

          PMJDY is a significant weapon in Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s Digital India @ EKRANTI - ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF SERVICES