Monday, January 18, 2016

11 tips for hassle-free Lalbagh Flower show-Bengaluru experience

              The 203rd edition of the Semi-Annual Lalbagh Flower show is currently open to the public. 

              The show opened on 16th January 2016 and is open to public till 26th January 2016.
              11 tips for hassle-free Lalbagh Flower show-Bengaluru experience

01)   Maximum rush is expected on 19th January, 24th January and 26th January. On 19th January, 26th January School children will have free admission i.e no need to purchase entrance tickets. 24th January is Sunday i.e Holiday.

02)   The best time to visit the flower show is around 9 am, when the show opens for public and visitors have not yet started to come in.

03)   This is the best time to take a number of photos too.

04)   Plan car-pooling or two wheelers for minimal walking distance to the park main gates.

05)   Carry minimal luggage. Only water bottles, caps are to be preferred.

06)   Carry plenty of monetary change as the same will be required for quick payouts at the food counters, stalls etc

07)    Update your FB status, tweet your presence at the Lalbagh flower show, to attract more visitors to Lalbagh.

08)   Prefer not to litter and throw all the waste in the designated dust-bins only.

09)   After coming out of the park, walk/travel down to VV Puram-Eat Street to relish mounth-watering street food. The added attraction is the Avare Bele Mela 2016

10)   Prefer not to loiter near the flower stalls, let all the visitors view the multiple flower attractions.

11)   Prefer not to take photos for at least 3o minutes when in Lalbagh and instead just savour the magnificent atmosphere.

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