Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kodava Hockey Festival 2016

Beginning this week, I will be highlighting events, where Digital Transactions can play a major role.

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Sponsorships are a great opportunity to attract eyeballs.  Another tool is weave the Digital Payments option into the whole event experience. This increases stickiness but the Digital Payments should a fail-proof plan. Any negative experiences will have disastrous impact on the Digital Payment brand.

Today’s post focuses on the Annual Kodava Hockey Festival

The KODAVA HOCKEY FESTIVAL  is a platform for Kodava’s to come together and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. The original idea of KODAVA HOCKEY FESTIVAL  is attributed to Sri  Pandanda Kuttappa a first division hockey referee and an ex-employee of State Bank of India.

In 1997, the germ of KODAVA HOCKEY FESTIVAL, was sown with the first edition of KODAVA HOCKEY FESTIVAL. Sri  Pandanda Kuttappa crystallised the KODAVA HOCKEY FESTIVAL  as hockey runs in the blood of Kodavas.

Like every game, some rules were framed to make it a unique event. All the team members must belong to the same family (surname) and participate in full hockey attire.

Women are encouraged to be part of the team and it was left to the woman to decide whether she wants to represent the father's family or that of the husband's. This rule was a boon as women could change their teams every year.

Since 1997, 19 editions have been held. The 2016 edition is the 20th edition and is been hosted by Shantheyanda Family.

The ball has been set rolling for the 2016 edition more excitement is expected once the tournament dates are announced.

The Event: Kodava Hockey Festival
Frequency: Annual
Venue: District of Kodagu-Karnataka

07 ways in which Digital Companies can be associated with Kodava Hockey Festival 2016

01) Exclusive tour packages from Indian major cities to Madikeri during the tournament period. Homestays are very popular in Coorg.  Online tour companies can tie up with homestay owners for the exclusive touch with focus on regional cuisines.

02)         Launch of Limited edition collectibles revolving around Coorg and Kodava Hockey Festival  

03)         Limited edition adventure activities centred around Madikeri

04)         Limited edition Coorg Cuisine at home delivery food sites

05)         Limited edition Clothes especially TShirts at fashion sites

06)         Limited edition fashion accessories at fashion accessory sites

07)         Photo contests by fashion sites

Digital Companies encompass all eCommerce companies operating  on Online Mode or a mix of  Online/Offline mode.