Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spreading Happiness#The IPL way

          The ninth edition of IPL took off yesterday. The opening night was marked by an electrifying opening ceremony that attracted lot of eyeballs both in the physical and virtual world.

          The primary aim of IPL Marketing team is to create a centre of attention for the IPL season. The first shot is fired with the auction kickoffs.

          The tempo builds up as the D Day approaches. 

11 Ways of Spreading Happiness#The IPL way

Happiness No 01) The IPL Way :::  Nine Teams spreading the action in Nine Cities

Happiness No 02) The IPL Way :::  Extravagant opening ceremony

Happiness No 03) The IPL Way ::: Glittering Trophy

Happiness No 04) The IPL Way ::: Focus on the Drought scenario  in Maharashtra

Happiness No 05) The IPL Way ::: Eye catching TV advertisements

Happiness No 06) The IPL Way ::: 100 crores market for the hospitality industry

Happiness No 07) The IPL Way ::: Bonding programs for corporate teams especially on match days

Happiness No 08) The IPL Way ::: Bonding program s for long-lost friends especially on match days

Happiness No 09) The IPL Way ::: Exclusive product launches by the sponsors including associate sponsors

Happiness No 10) The IPL Way ::: Complimentary tickets by OLA Cabs

Happiness No 11) The IPL Way ::: Social media boost for the support staff