Thursday, July 7, 2016

IIBF’s Certificate Course in Digital Banking

IIBF-Certificate Course in Digital Banking

          Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has introduced a new course for new-age bankers.         This new course is aimed at front office staff to equip them with the latest Digital Banking tools viz Cards, ATMs, Mobile/Internet Banking and PoS.  

          It is a well documented fact that the transaction costs through  Digital Banking  are less as compared to Physical Banking.

Bankers passing this examination will be able to guide their customers to migrate from physical banking to digital banking.

In the next six months, Payment Banks will open up their branches with complete focus on Digital Banking products only. This course will enable Payment Bank staff to have a strong foundation in digital banking products and specialise if required.

The first exam will take place on January 22nd 2017. The registration window will open on 08/09/2016 and close on 08/11/2016.

The syllabus is divided into 4 Modules:-

Module A:: --
a)     Digital Banking Products
b)    Cards
c)     EMV Technology
d)    ATMs
e)    Cash Deposit Machines
f)     Cash Re-cyclers
g)    Mobile Banking
h)    Internet Banking
i)      PoS Terminals

Module B:: --
a)     Branchless Banking

Module C:: --
a)     Marketing of Digital Banking Products

Module D:: --
Payment Systems
          The complete details can be read on IIBF website
          So go ahead and guide your customers on the highs and lows of Digital Banking