Monday, August 29, 2016

King Nagarjuna sons’ celebrate his birthday with a Personalised Stamp

          India Posts ‘My Stamp’ brand name for personalized sheets of Postage Stamps by  India Post got its biggest endorsement today.

          Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son’s Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni, through the launch of personalised postal stamp  featuring their father and Taj Mahal, ensured  wide publicity for the India Posts ‘My Stamp’ brand.

          A total of 10,000 postal stamps have been printed and the same were released at 12 noon on 29/08/2016.

          One more reason for the personalised stamp release is to celebrate King Nagarjuna new avatar as Singer. King Nagarjuna has sung a song his next film Nirmala Convent

“This is the biggest surprise of my life,” said Nagarjuna. The stamp will feature a portrait of Nagarjuna as a singer alongside the Taj Mahal. A total of 10,000 postal stamps have been printed.

          His official fan page has announced the news along with a special video. Thanks King Nagarjuna,  Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni for this sweet gesture.

This will boost the sales of personalised postal stamps in India. Yes, it would be wonderful if the ‘My Stamp’, can be ordered via the Online Channel.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Krishna Pushkaralu – 09 Illustrations of Deployment of Digital Tools

            A very brief introduction.

            A wide range of digital tools have been deployed at Krishna Pushkaralu  to increase the Spiritual Quotient of the Devotees.

            The preparations for the smooth conduct of Krishna Pushkaralu  by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Government commenced a year ago. 

            The speed picked up after the conclusion of the Godavari Maha Pushkaram

The learning at the conduct of the Godavari Maha Pushkaram were taken into consideration for the smooth conduct of the KP both by Andhra and Telangana Governments

            The respective Chief Ministers were clear that Digital Tools are pivotal for the smooth conduct of the KP

Official website of Andhra Pradesh Krishna Pushkaralu  

Official website of Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu

            Both the website contain detailed information. The respective websites were unveiled to public in Mid-July 2016

Illustrative list of tenders floated for smooth conduct of KP

Digital Tools are handy to understand the rush of Devotees at Ghats, traffic movement and dissemination of information. 

11 illustrations of deployment of Digital Tools in the ongoing Krishna Pushkaralu . 

Illustration No 01: -- Usage of KAIZALA App for group communication  

Illustration No 02: -- Usage of KAIZALA App for reimbursement of expenses occurred during official travel. One of the major fraud prone areas was in improper claims of travel expenses. Through KAIZALA the bills can be geo-tagged which minimises instances of improper claims.

Illustration No 03: -- Toll Free HelpLine  1077 set up and maintained by students of IIIT-Nuzvid

Illustration No 04: -- Launch of  “KrisP” (Krishna Pushkaralu- Mahabubnagar Police). This Mobile App has been conceptualized and developed by a team of tech savvy   cops consisting of consisting of D.V.Srinivasa Rao (Additional SP), Kalmesh Shingenavar IPS (ASP Shadnagar, Ravindra Prasad (CI Amangal Circle), headed by, Rema Rajeswari, Mahabubnagar district police superintendent.

Illustration No 05: -- Krishna Pushkaram 2016 App By Government of AP krishna-pushkaralu-app-2016

Illustration No 06: -- Crowd Visualisation tool by Lab for Spatial Informatics-IIIT Hyderabad

Illustration No 07: -- Unidirection crowd management techniques to avoid stampedes

Illustration No 08: -- Holding areas for Vehicles and Devotees to minimise congestion at the Ghats

Illustration No 09: -- Deployment of Drones for live feedback

Rituals catch the eye in Krishna Pushkaralu

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Delhi Transport Corporation soon to have man-less fare collection

            The heart  of any transport company is the ‘Fare collection system’. The success of a transport corporation is largely attributed to collection of fares at the lowest possible cost.

            Over the decades, the collection cost of ‘fares’, has reduced to a considerable extent.

            One way to still reduce the costs is digitization of the ‘fare collection’, process

            Digitization of  fare collection refers to the process wherein the human staff in the Bus need not issue tickets.   The passengers pay the requisite fare through Physical cards. The physical cards can be wallets wherein the money is stored on the card itself or debit/credit card.

            Each feature has its own plus and minus points.

            DTC with  a fleet size of 5000+ buses, first thought of the man-less fare collection in 2010, when the Commonwealth Games were scheduled. However the scheme could be conceptualized only in 2015.

            In January  2015, DTC issued the Tender Notice for ‘Design,  Develop,  Build,  Install,  Maintain  and  Transfer  of  Automated Fare  Collection  System  (AFCS)   in  entire  fleet  of  DTC’.

            The project finally took in early 2016, with 200 buses fitted with ETMs(Electronic Ticketing Machines) . By August 2016, more than 60% DTC buses were having ETMs.

            In another couple of months, all DTC buses will have ETMs for collection of the fares. 

            Meanwhile, on Friday i.e 20/08/2016 DTC took the first step by using the Delhi Metro card on the electronic ticketing machines installed on its buses. As part of the project, a real-time transaction was carried out with a Metro card on the ETM of a DTC bus.

            DTC and Delhi Metro officials were surprised with the successful pilot results and DTC imposed on itself, a two-month deadline for the launch of the Common Card Project.

            Q: What is Common Card Project?

            Ans: In simple terms, the aim of the Common Card Project is to enable the passenger to travel on DTC buses or Delhi Metro Trains with single Smart Card. The passenger need not use multiple ticketing platforms.

            Benefits of Smart  Card Project:-

01) Reduction in cost collection of ‘fares’.

02)Reduction in waiting time at ticketing counters.

03)Reduction of carbon footprints in Metro Stations

04)Real time analysis of customer traffic. Steps can be taken to increase/decrease frequency based on traffic patterns.

05)Introduction of special fares  during off-peak hours to increase the fare collection

06)Elimination of paper based tickets

07)Reduce fraud instances  of fake  tickets/fake monthly passes

08)Increase in the cash  float to DTC and Delhi  Metro, as the money kept by passengers in the Smart Card Wallet can be utilised by the respective corporations. 

09)Special schemes for students, senior citizens, ladies, corporate passengers can be rolled-out 

Impediments overcome so far::_

a)    Revenue sharing agreements

b)   Disparate ticketing software programs in DTC and Delhi Metro

c)    Mindset

The common mobility card project has been in the pipeline for several years now. It was first mooted during the 2010 Commonwealth Games, but couldn't take off because of a variety of issues, including lack of clarity over how the revenue of the two transport bodies will be segregated.
Ultimately the Common Smart Card will have the facility of Monthly passess too.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Union Bank of India has begun the race to Boost *99# mobile banking transactions

          Union Bank of India in partnership with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched a Unique APP to boost Safe Digital Payments in India.

          The APP christened as “Union Bank *99#” is available at present for Android mobiles.

          The Tag line of “Union Bank *99#” App is  -- Simple and Easy Banking --
No internet is required to transact through the APP, but USSD transaction charges will be levied by Telecom Companies.

          TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has set a maximum ceiling of Rs. 1.50 / transaction for using the *99# service.  This means you can be charged upto INR1.50/- per request, be it Financial or Non-Financial.

          A disclaimer states : T&C Standard Telecom Charges Apply

          Please note that this is the first of its type Banking APP in India and the lead has been taken by a Public Sector Banks. And, there is a general perception that Public Sector Banks are laggards!!

The Union Bank *99# App provides a user friendly menu to prepare the USSD command.

As the product is equipped with 10 languages, this is expected to bring PMJDY customers into Digital Banking fold for satisfying their Banking needs.

*99# service was dedicated to the nation by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on August 28, 2014 as part of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY).

Salient features of *99# Mobile App

-          Does not require data/ internet for performing transactions.

-          Provides basic banking transactions like checking account balance, sending money, Mobile PIN (MPIN) management.

-          Provides Value Added Services like checking Aadhaar linked Overdraft status and PMJDY account Overdraft status.

-          Available in multiple languages – kick started with 6 languages

This App will be the USP for front-line staff to on-board new customers. If the front-line staff trains their account holders patiently, this App will increase the average balances in Saving Banks accounts enormously.

In the coming days, other Indian Banks too are expected to launch similar APPS.

Good to Have Feature: Audit Trial of requested services through the App

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bank Holidays in India during August 2016

Holidays in August  2016
          The following is the list of Bank Holidays in various Indian States during August 2016

          Please note RTGS/NEFT Holiday is on August 15th, 2016. IMPS is open on all the days.

August 2016: Holidays for unique festivals/occasions

Special Occasion:  De jure tranfer Day – 16/Aug/16 – Tuesday

Please read this Blogpost to know more about De Jure Transfer Day

Treaty establishing De Jure Cession of French Establishments in India

State: Pondicherry

Festival: Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi) -17/Aug/16 - Wednesday
Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi)

2016 Shahenshahi New Year is on August 17, 2016
Navroz Mubarak: 6 Fascinating Facts About Parsi New Year!

State: Maharashtra

Raksha Bandhan - 18/Aug/16 –Thursday

Raksha Bandhan in India

Holiday in the following States: Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal

Janmastami - 24/Aug/16 – Wednesday

Oriya Janmasthami Bhog

Odia Books

Holiday in the following State: Orissa

Janmasthami / Krishna Jayanthi - 25/Aug/16 - Thursday

Krishna Janmashtami Mathura

Janmashtami Menu

Holidays in the following States: Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Punjab, Rajasthan,  Tamilnadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal