Monday, August 29, 2016

King Nagarjuna sons’ celebrate his birthday with a Personalised Stamp

          India Posts ‘My Stamp’ brand name for personalized sheets of Postage Stamps by  India Post got its biggest endorsement today.

          Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son’s Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni, through the launch of personalised postal stamp  featuring their father and Taj Mahal, ensured  wide publicity for the India Posts ‘My Stamp’ brand.

          A total of 10,000 postal stamps have been printed and the same were released at 12 noon on 29/08/2016.

          One more reason for the personalised stamp release is to celebrate King Nagarjuna new avatar as Singer. King Nagarjuna has sung a song his next film Nirmala Convent

“This is the biggest surprise of my life,” said Nagarjuna. The stamp will feature a portrait of Nagarjuna as a singer alongside the Taj Mahal. A total of 10,000 postal stamps have been printed.

          His official fan page has announced the news along with a special video. Thanks King Nagarjuna,  Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni for this sweet gesture.

This will boost the sales of personalised postal stamps in India. Yes, it would be wonderful if the ‘My Stamp’, can be ordered via the Online Channel.