Sunday, October 16, 2016

State Bank of India Video Bank Account Statement

          Bank account transactions details are normally provided to bank customers through a Pass Book or a printed Statement of Account. Customers can also access their banks account transactions through alternate channels i.e Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Net Banking, Missed Call Banking etc.

          It was a challenge for Visually Impaired customers to have a self analysis of their bank transactions and have to depend on support persons
          Realising this, State Bank of India explored the option of Video Bank Account Statement.  

          A couple of months back, based on feedback received from its customers, State Bank of India unveiled the Video Bank Account Statement.   

          In the initial phase, the Video Bank Account Statement is available to HNIs(High Networth), Wealth Management and Visually Impaired customers.

          The requirement for bank customers to avail this is simple. The Account Holders should request their base branch to activate the Statement of Account facility at the Account Level in the Banks CBS (Core Banking Solution).

          The account should be flagged as HNIs(High Networth) or  Wealth Management or Visually Impaired customers.

          There are 3 FAQ’s which highlight the benefits of the Video Bank Account Statement on the banks website.

          State Bank of India has over 14,000 Branches spread all over India, and a branch of SBI or its Associate Banks can be found even in remote areas.