Friday, November 18, 2016

OLA Credit – Are you eligible for it? The positive side of Demonetisation

OLA Credit – Are you eligible for it? The positive side of Demonetisation

          By now all of us are aware of the word ‘demonetisation’, and the effects on a large number of human beings.

          The negative sides of ‘demonetisation’ will continue to linger for some time.
          A new feature by OLA i.e OLA Credit is the fall-out of demonetisation.  OLA Credit is a Global First in this category. In a taxi ride, physical goods are not exchanged. Hence, in case of a credit facility, in case the debtor defaults, the creditor does not have recourse to physical goods. Hence, the credit facility is offered to selected customers.  

          If you have received the following email from, Bingo, you are eligible for OLA Credit

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          Next time you take an Ola ride, you will not have to run to an ATM or ask a friend in case you run out of cash.
Ola brings to you our latest feature Ola Credit for chosen riders like you.

How Ola Credit works:
  • Pay via Ola Credit
  • Choose Ola Credit option, your ride bill amount will be deducted from Ola Credit
  • Enjoy Cashless Rides
  • Continue paying for rides using Ola Credit for upto 7 days or till you exhaust your Ola Credit limit
  • Recharge Ola Money
  • Clear your outstanding Ola Credit dues by recharging your Ola Money wallet at anytime

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Quote from OLA Media release:-

Raghuvesh Sarup, Chief Marketing Officer and Category Head at Ola said, “Ola Credit is a global first from Ola to keep India moving towards a cashless economy. Ola Credit provides hassle-free mobility to citizens who can now pay later for their rides when cash conservation is important for many citizens. Our deep commitment towards the Indian market, combined with our experience in payment technology helps us to contribute to a digitally enabled India. Mobility is an everyday use case and our commitment to making it seamless includes building a friction less payment experience. Credit is an important step towards our goal of ensuring mobility for a billion Indians.

Dr. Sanjay Pai, Head – Travel & Dir. Aviation at Larsen and Toubro said  ”It is great to see how technology is being used to upgrade the existing transportation segment in the country. It is crucial to put a system in place to ensure it is seamless and efficient, and this can only be enabled with cutting edge technology. I am happy with the kind of customizations, transparency and efficiency that Ola’s technology – Ola Credit brings at all levels” He further added, “Digital India is seeing great acceptance and growth; and with companies like Ola supporting government’s initiatives, we are confident that it will see greater success and will have far reaching benefits in the overall growth of the country.”

UNQuote from OLA  Media release:-

Please note that Ola extends credit to users on a select basis, on customer’s transaction history.

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