Saturday, November 19, 2016

State Bank of Sikkim – The Positive Side of Demonetisation

          Two trending searches on Indian Google was State Bank of Sikkim and  Norbu Bhutia

          Shri Norbu Bhutia is Deputy Director of Income Tax (Investigation) and is based out of M.G.Rod, Shillong. Yes, there is M.G.Road in Shillong.

          The other trending search was State Bank of Sikkim.

          The trending searches were due to this letter widely circulated in WhatsAPP and media.

          A brief introduction of State Bank of Sikkim: _

          State Bank of Sikkim was established in 1968 and at present has 41 branches throughout the State of Sikkim.

  • The Bank is headquartered in the State Capital of Sikkim, Gangtok.

  • The Bank is an autonomous body under the Government of Sikkim. The Bank operates within the jurisdiction of the State of Sikkim and is responsible to handle the treasury function of the State as well.

  • The Bank is headed by the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Bank is the Chief Executive.

  • Constituted in the pre-merger era, today State Bank of Sikkim has completed 47 years.

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