Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bank of Maharashtra 'e-banking lounge'

Bank of Maharashtra 'e-banking lounge'

Bank of Maharashtra - ONE FAMILY ONE BANK has launched   'e-banking lounge' on 15th November, 2010.
Initially this new generation banking experience will be available at Connaught Place in Delhi, Gadkari Chauk in Mumbai and Deccan Gymkhana in Pune

What is ‘e-banking lounge’?
‘e- banking lounge’ provides the facility to customers to do selected banking transactions online through 3-G (Third Generation) technology-enabled computers.

The lounge is within the branch premises only, but customers can carry out their routine banking transactions on their own.

‘e-banking lounge’ will help them deposit cheques through cheque deposit machines and they can get the statement of account printed on their own without the help of branch staff.   

Basing on the customer’s feedback the ‘e-banking lounge’ might be extended to other branches. I feel for the Bank to experience the full benefits of ‘e-banking lounge’, the same should be away from the Branches and not within the Branch premises.

Bank of Maharashtra is a 75 + years Bank, with 1500 + branches. It’s Head Office is in Pune, Maharastra.
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