Sunday, November 21, 2010

Which are better? Complaints or Compliments.

 Which are better? Complaints or Compliments.

I have observe that most Indian Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks (Old and New), encourage customers to lodge complaints but not compliments.
Majority of the Banks have Redressal of Customer Complaints mechanism, but very few have Redressal of Customer Compliments mechanism.

Examples : -
Public Sector Bank – United Bank of India :
Only the complaints link is visible in the left hand column

Public Sector Bank – Bank of Baroda
Only the Redressal of Customer Complaints link, is visible in the last part of the webpage

Private Sector Bank – IDBI Bank
Only the Customer Corner Tab is highlighted in the Header. On clicking on the Tab, only the procedure to lodge complaints is mentioned


Foreign Bank – Citi Bank

The Customer Care Tab is highlighted in the main header. On clicking on the same, at the below right corner customers are encourage to share success stories.


New Private Sector Bank – ICIC Bank.

ICICI Bank excepts customer to lodge complaints and also share compliments.
The link is on left column on the Bank’s website.

This phenomenon is not restricted to Banking Industry, but also prevalent in other sectors too.

Do we Indians, shy away from compliments i.e receiving and lodging compliments. And more comfortable with complaints?

Customer Service Representatives morale at front-offices is boosted on receiving compliments. Compliments also enable the Product Design Teams, to structure innovative Products, for enhanced customer delight.

It is high time, Banks encourage compliments too.

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