Friday, December 9, 2011

Epass-SBI EZ-PAY CARD. The Scholarship disbursement mode.

An untapped area of ePayments is the Government’s scholarship arena. All State Governments extend various types of student scholarships.

The mode of disbursement is via paper based cheques.

Few Governments have started exploring the ePayments mode for disbursements of scholarships.

Andhra Pradesh has moved the complete Scholarship cycle into electronic mode i.e Application till disbursement of scholarship.

The website has an interesting name too epass @
The website has been developed by Centre for Good Governance.

As a safe ePayments practitioner, what is fascinating is the integration of ePayments mode for the scholarship disbursement mode.

AP government has tied up with State Bank of India for the same.
The solution being utilised is the SBI Prepaid Card - EZpay

More on this can be read @

Students have the option of receiving the scholarship amount to their Banks accounts via the NEFT mode or opting for the SBI Prepaid Card-EZPay.

The benefits of SBI Prepaid Card-EZPay are :
01) Students need not have a bank account.
02) The amount can be withdrawn at SBI Group ATM’s.
03) The card can be used at any Visa enabled POS terminal. This is the best feature as the complete cycle is in eMode only.
04) Balance details can be viewed at SBI Group ATM’s or online.
05) The need for a maintaining any balance in the student’s bank account is eliminated.

The integration of EZCard for internet shopping would be the next step, to popularise this Prepaid.