Sunday, March 17, 2013

Indusind Bank goes live on new CBS in a single day cutover

Indusind  Bank goes live on Finacle 10.2 in a single day cutover

                        In the last 12 months, Indusind Bank had been attracting a lot of new customers in its fold. One of the main reasons for retail customers to be motivated to open accounts with Indusind Bank is the slew of new banking sub-products launched in the last 15-18 months.

            Of all the sub-products, two stand out. One is the ‘check-on-cheque’, and the @ ATMs’ cash denomination choice.

            To offer the best services to its growing clientele, Indusind Bank took the decision to migrate to Financle 10.2

The challenge was to migrate to the new CBS with minimum business disruption. This is where Avekshaa Technologies played a stellar role.

            Avekshaa Technologies closely worked with Indusind Banks’ IT Department and successfully, replaced the old CBS with the new Finacle 10.2 in all 461 branches and 852 ATMs with zero post go-live performance and scalability issues.

            It may be noted that Indusind Bank has been live on Finacle’s Consumer e-Banking solution since April 2011. In a way the switchover to Finacle 10.2, has been done in a very short span of time.

            Indusind Bank has taken care to map its old account nos (13 digits long and a combination of alpha and numbers) with its new account numbers (12 digits all numbers only). Hence, its customers need not go through the exercise of replacing their old account numbers with the new account numbers.