Sunday, January 18, 2015

SBI brands its passbook printing kiosk as ‘Swayam’ – 5 Usage Tips

            State Bank of India has forayed into the world of passbook printing kiosk. Yes, we Indians trust banks passbooks.

            Bank passbooks are in integral records of the financial health of the respective bank account. The main drawback of account statements on banks website is the time frame of old entries.

            The Passbook has the advantage of viewing transactions from the account opening date in bank supplied stationery.

            Pass Book kiosks in Indian banking have been around for the last couple of years. However, the key differentiator is the branding for the passbook printing kiosks.      
            No other bank in India has branded its passbook printing kiosks though majority of the banks have introduced them in branches and self services areas.

            Read here a newspaper article on this launch.

Swayam will be rolled out at more than 2,500 branches of the Bank. Customers can print their passbooks of Savings, Recurring Deposit as well as PPF account through the facility round the clock, even after branch timings.

There are no immediate plans to add ‘Swayam’, in ATM kiosks or Cash Deposit Machines kiosks. In the near future, depending on space availability it would be very helpful if the ATM Kiosks or Cash Deposit Machines kiosks too have ‘swayam’, machines.

5 usage tips for the Bank customers:
01) Immediately approach your branch and get the Barcode affixed on your passbook.
02)Keep the passbook in a covered pouch.
03)Do not fold the passbook.
04)Update the enteries at regular intervals.

05)Spread the joy of safe eTransactions.