Sunday, January 18, 2015

SBI Quick – The Brand name for SBI mobile enquiries

            By now all banks in India offer the mobile enquiry service, through which the respective bank customers can get wide ranging information pertaining to their bank accounts through a MISSED CALL facility.

            The process is simple to use and the response time is super fast.

            Bank customers have to simple give a missed call or SMS to a specified mobile number to receive specific information.

            The chief motivating factor for this service is that the MISSED CALL is free of cost. The information is received as a SMS which is saved in the phones memory.  This acts as a record for the requested information.

            SBI is on a spree to launch technology based services for its customers. SBI Quick is one more service which is delivered through technology.

            The core differentiator here is the Sub-Brand name. No other bank in India has thought to give a brand name to its mobile enquiry service. Way to go, State Bank of India.