Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A quick guide to Andhra Pradesh Sand Sales System

Since November 2014, residents of Andhra Pradesh can purchase Sand through a Government designated agency i.e Society of the Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP).

The objective of the scheme is to sale a valuable natural resource i.e Sand in a transparent manner.

Q: Why SERP?
Ans:  SERP established by Government of Andhra Pradesh is a sensitive support structure to facilitate poverty reduction through social mobilization and improvement of Livelihoods of rural poor in Andhra Pradesh.
The Self Help Groups under SERP play in an important role in the sale of sand in Andhra Pradesh.

11 tips for successful Sand purchase through Andhra Pradesh Sales System:-

01) The website http://sandbyshg.ap.gov.in/ has been designed by AP Online.

02)Regular traders to register at this webpage. Remember the username and the password.

03) Registered users can make online payment for their orders. Online payment is beneficial as the booking details on successful payment are transferred to the respective sand depot.

04)One time users can complete the booking and proceed to make the payment through offline mode.

05)On completion of the formalities at the booking website, a bank challan is generated.

06)Two copies of the respective challan along with cash has to be presented in the eligible Bank branch counter.

07)The respective bank branch staff verify the credentials on the challan and accept cash(if below INR 49,000/-) or cheque (if above INR 50,000/-) and update the payment details in their  system.

08) One copy of the duly stamped challan is handed over to the customer.

09)The transaction is deemed complete and the order details are transferred to the respective sand depot.

10) Payment can be remitted at “Mee Seva” counters too.

11)  The payment has to be made within 24 hours of the online booking, otherwise the transaction will be cancelled.