Thursday, May 7, 2015

RBIQ 2015 Curtain Raiser

          The process for hosting Reserve Bank of India Quiz 2015 has begun with Reserve Bank of India releasing a tender notification for the same.
          The last date for submission of the tender document is May 7, 2015.
          Highlights of the tender are:
Quiz Name: RBIQ 2015, All India Inter-School Quiz organized by RBI

Open for: Students in standards 9, 10, 11 and 12 across all boards in India are eligible to participate in RBIQ 2015.

Quiz Model:  Stage 1 - 62 city quizzes
Stage 2 - 4 Zonal Semi-finals,
Stage 3 -  4 Zonal Finals
Stage 4 - 1 National Final.

Broadcast Program: 4 Zonal Finals and the National Final will be shot for TV over four to five days for being telecast later on a National Channel.

Quiz scope: Content of the quiz to be based on the following subjects: the history and role of RBI and other Indian banking institutions, economics, trade and commerce, accounting, finance, Indian Constitution, Monetary policies, currency management, Current Affairs, important personalities and events.

Quiz format: Quiz at 62 local rounds as also the 4 zonal semi finals will have written preliminary tests followed by an interactive Q & A round on the same day at the same venue.

The format for the four zonal finals and a National Final will have only Q & A rounds.
All the quiz rounds will be conducted in Hinglish or a mix of simple English and Hindi.
The content of Quiz rounds at each location will have to be different. The visual elements/ questions have to be one of the main highlights of the content.

The Bank will arrange for contacting schools, selection and hiring of venue, travel and stay of quizmaster/s at all locations.