Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quickpay – The latest addition to INDUSIND Bank’s long list of Innovations

          As on date, the following are the major Innovations from Indusind Bank. Each innovation has spawned similar products from competitors.

  • ·       Video Branch
  • ·       Super Saver Pack
  • ·       My Account My Number
  • ·       Check on Cheque
  • ·       Denomination Selection
  • ·       Cash-On-Mobile
  • ·       Quick Redeem
  • ·       Direct Connect

          Quickpay is the latest addition to the long list of innovations introduced to Indian banking customers by Indusind.

          Quickpay was launched a couple of days. The funds transfer channel is NPCI’s IMPS. This is the only channel in India which currently supports instant online funds transfers between participating bank accounts.

          The landing page of Quickpay is user-friendly and radiates positive energy. The theme based messages encourage Indusind Bank customers to be part of the happiness of their loved ones.

          The ‘Instacode’, adds an extra layer of protection to the QP transaction.
          The numbers of transactions are expected to zoom with the festival season around the corner.