Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Small Finance Bank - ESAF Microfinance and Investments Private Ltd., Chennai

          ESAF MICROFINANCE begun its journey in 1995 with initial focus in the state of Kerala. Over the years it has grown to 150+ branches with foot prints in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,Jharkand. ESAF MICROFINANCE  has impacted more than 700 thousand poor households.

          ESAF Society, Swasraya Producers Co Ltd., Healthcare Services P Ltd., Retial P Ltd., SHG Federation and Natural Resource ManagESAF Microfinance ent function under the umbrella ESAF group. 

          ESAF MICROFINANCE loan products are sub-divided into 16 types:

  1. Income Generation Loan
  2. General Loan
  3. Nirmal Loan
  4. Jeevandhara Loan
  5. Agriculture Loan
  6. Vidhyajyothi Loan
  7. Suryajyothi Loan
  8. Grihajyothi Loan
  9. Mobile Loan
  10. Micro Enterprise Loan – Dairy (MELD)
  11. Ultra Poor Loan
  12. Income Generation Loan (Dairy)
  13. Income Generation Loan (Special)
  14. Home Improvement Loan
  15. House Loan
  16. Home Loan - Gruha Sudhar & Gruha Nirman
This categorization of loans assists the processing officials to quickly take decisions.

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