Thursday, October 1, 2015

eTransactions Initiatives in upcoming Bihar Elections

            The Bihar Elections will dominate the media for the next couple of months.

            The Bihar State Election Commission is the implementing agency in the whole state of Bihar.

            Massive manpower, equipment including vehicles is requisitioned and deployed the Election State Commission for smooth conduct of the elections.

            As the SEC does not have all the required resources on its rolls, deputation or hiring is the accepted practice.

             Human Resources are drawn from Government offices, Public Sector Banks, Public Sector Insurance Companies, Government undertakings etc.

            Honorarium as per existing rules is paid to the said personnel.

            A large number of vehicles are required to move the security forces and government forces to their designated locations.

            Normally, commercially vehicles from Travel agencies or owners are requisitioned by the SEC. The payments for usage of these vehicles are a mammoth logistical nightmare. At the end of the exercise, the dissatisfaction levels amongst the all the participants is high.

            To minimize customer dissatisfaction, the Bihar SEC has introduced a new software named ‘Completely Integrated Vehicle Management System'.

            As a Safe ePayments Motivator, the most exciting part of this software is the usage of online banking channels for direct payment to vehicle owners.

            This is just the beginning and in the coming elections more and more cash reimbursements will be migrated to the LessCash mode i.e Online.

            Based on the feedback received from the respective stakeholders, fine tuning will be done wherever required

It is estimated that at least 80,000 vehicles will be required to manage the movement of forces and government officials during the assembly elections to be held in five phases starting October 12.

As is the norm, the commercial vehicle owners will not have much of a say on whether to lend their vehicles for election duty given the requirement. However the vehicle management software is expected to ensure that intermediaries do not eat into rent payments.

Hiring of vehicles for smooth conduct of Elections:


  • ·       Hiring/requisitioning of vehicles as and when required by the empowered officials.
  • ·       Manual maintenance of Log Book
  • ·       Reimbursements through Cash after completion of the polling
  • ·       Manual maintenance of Audit trial.
  • ·       High TAT for cash payouts
  • ·       No advance released to vehicle owners
  • ·       High customer dissatisfaction

  • ·       Hired vehicle details are updated in the VHM
  • ·       Log book for each registered vehicle is automatically opened
  • ·       Requisite details keyed in the respective officers at end of the day
  • ·       Auto calculation of the charges as per the keyed in details
  • ·       On the fourth day 80% of the total auto generated charges credited to the vehicle owners bank account through ONLINE BANKING MODE
  • ·       Low customer dissatisfaction
  • ·       System generated audit trial

 5 Benefits of the new process:

  1. 1.     TAT reduction
  2. 2.    In line with Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s Digital India vision
  3. 3.    Highlight the benefits of Safe eTransactions tools in daily financial activity
  4. 4.    Testing ground for expansion of such tools in other cash payouts activities
  5. 5.    Enhanced visibility for eTransactions