Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Big Basket and GiveAway join hands @ Chennai-India

              The unprecedented rains in Chennai and surrounding districts have disrupted normal life.   The citizens are showing tremendous courage and are in the process of rebuilding their daily lives.

              Numerous organisations are working to restore normalcy in the affected regions. In the next couple of months or so, a sense of normalcy will return.

              The chief needs of the affected citizens are
A)      Shelter-till the water recedes
B)      Food –till they are able to go back to their original homes
C)      Clothes-till they are able to retrieve their original clothes in case they are still in good condition.

Indians all over the world are chipping in whatever they can. The Tamil Nadu state government is coordinating massive rehabilitation programs. Government of India and other State Governments are chipping in cash and kind.

Army, Navy, Air Force personnel have arrived from nearby Defence stations to assist the recovery work.

This is the largest ever continuous rainfall to hit Chennai in recent human memories. The present generations have not seen such massive rainfall. In due course, there will be plenty of deliberations on ways and means to minimise similar future dislocations.

The discussions may expand to avoid similar dislocations across India. There is no easy way ahead.

In the clutter of NGOs each doing their bit to minimise human pain, the Big Basket approach is radical.

       07 key differentiators of BigBasket-GiveAway relief program:
01)   No noise in the media
02)   Awareness through a banner in the main landing page
03)   A very selected basket of Groceries
04)   No fancy items
05)   Donors need not worry loss of items in transit
06)   No self publicity drives i.e completely anonymous
07)   Tie up with GiveAway