Saturday, December 12, 2015

Religious places welcome Donation through NPCI_IMPS (Immediate Payment System)

          In the last five years, NPCI_IMPS (Immediate Payment System) has spread its wings far and wide.    NPCI_IMPS has touched many lives and introduced new safe digital transactions channel to many a sceptic.

          The participants in NPCI_IMPS ecosystem have been on the search to widen the base. One such effort is introducing NPCI_IMPS channel for donations in Religious places.

          The main source of income for Religious places is the Donations received through its devotees. In the olden days, the donations were handed over to devotees who were travelling to the respective places.

In majority of the homes, a donation box was kept in the praying place and money dropped into it. As and when the family members or known members travelled to the chosen religious place, the total Collection in the Donation Box was handed over to that person, to deposit in the final donation box. This was a special donation apart from donations to nearby religious places.

          To enable devotees to donate from the comfort of their homes, religious places turned their attention to digital modes. The Standard digital modes i.e Credit/Debit cards were introduced. However, the main drawback of the Credit/Debit card mode was the need to tie up with a Payment Gate way and associated maintenance charges.

          The Electronic Clearing Debit Services is a good digital collection tool. However, ECS Debit is situated for repetitive donations.

          It has been observed that ‘On the Fly’, donations are the most effective. The donation should be channelled before the feel-good factor evaporates.
          This is where NPCI_IMPS fits in. The Religious place only needs to publish its Bank Account Number and IFS Code to its devotees and wait for the MAGIC to start.

          The Bank Account Number and IFS code can be made known through a wide variety of publicity channels viz:-
01) SMS
02)                  Pamphlets
03)                  Donation receipts
04)                  Website
05)                  Packing material

Through NPCI_IMPS Devotees can donate:-
a)    Anytime
b)    From anywhere-No geographical barriers
c)    Minimal additional charges
d)    As and when they reach a personal target

Yes, now you can go and motivate your chosen Religious Place to accept Donations via NPCI_IMPS.

In subsequent posts, details of Religious places accepting donations through NPCI_IMPS will be published.