Monday, September 12, 2016

Tirupati set to welcome International Institute of Digital Technology (IIDT)

          Government of Andhra Pradesh, vide Government Order No 15 dated 30-06-2016 announced the setting up of IIDT.

          The first campus of IIDT will be set up in Tirupati-The Temple City,  and subsequently expand to other cities of Andhra Pradesh.

          IIDT will be first of its kind, for developing engineers and entrepreneurs with next level technology skills.

          The IIDT will have five ‘schools of excellence’, at temple town Tirupati.
          The five ‘Schools of Excellence’, are :-
  1. Internet of Things and Cloud,
  2. Cyber Security,
  3. Big Data Analytics,
  4. Model Computing and
  5. Digital User Experience

The objectives of IIDT are: To equip engineers and entrepreneurs with next generation technology skills.

Course Duration: -  1 year

Faculty: - Industry professionals through onsite or remote methodology

Finances: - Self-financing i.e Selected students will pay the 1 year fees. Scholarships may be announced in due course.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced budgetary support of INR 39.97 crores for creation of basic infrastructure and course content. IIDT will be self-sufficient from the 4th year onwards

Read the full Government Order here

Role Model: - Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Location:-  IIDT  will be a 40,000 sqft facility inside the Sri Venkateswara University (SV), Tirupati . According to Andhra Pradesh IT secretary PS Pradyumnahim, with the kind of demand for skilled manpower that is there now, IIDT will fill the need in the shortest possible time by employing modern “outcome based” teaching technology.

It will be the first virtual university in the country once it is fully operational. The state government has sanctioned Rs. 40 crore for setting up the institute and plans on making it operational in 2016-2017 itself.

Faculty:-  IIDT course contents will focus on various technologies like Cloud Computing, Analytics, IoT and a lot more; technologies that the current educational system is unable to teach or cope up with. Hence, the faculty will also be industry experienced faculty. Faculty will interact with the students through Class room Mode or Virtual Mode.

          Number of Campuses:- Initially one at Tirupati.  Later will be extended to other cities through the Hub and Spoke model.

          As on date, there is no separate website for IIDT, Tirupati.