Saturday, November 26, 2016

The positive side of Demonetization in India - Reserve Bank of India Press Release: Public can continue to accept ₹ 10 coins as legal tender

          All of a sudden, rumours started to float that  ₹ 10 coins are not genuine and are fakes. Alarmed, Reserve Bank of India, issued a press release clarifying the genuineness of ₹ 10 coins circulating in India.

          Though this Press Release, Reserve Bank of India has advised members of the public not to give credence to such ill-informed notions and ignore them and continue to accept these coins as legal tender in all their transactions without any hesitation.

The Reserve Bank of India puts into circulation coins minted by the Government of India. These coins have distinctive features. Coins in new denominations to meet transaction needs of public and coins in new designs to reflect various themes - economic, social and cultural - are introduced from time to time.

As coins remain in circulation for longer periods, it is quite possible that coins of different designs and even shapes are circulating at the same time. One such change is introduction of 'Rupee symbol' in coins in July 2011. An instance of this is the ₹ 10 coins with rupee symbol and the same denomination coin without rupee symbol. Both of them are legal tender and equally good for transactions, though they may look a little different.

For more information about these coins, please see the following links:

          Over the years, Reserve Bank of India, has released ₹ 10 Coins to commemorate memorable events in our country.
          Details of few such releases are:

Release Dt: Jun 22, 2016 ----- RBI to shortly circulate ₹ 10 Coins to commemorate “Birth Centenary of Swami Chinmayananda”.   -  To give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time -

Release Dt:Jan 28, 2016     Issue of ₹ 10 coins to commemorate the occasion of "125th birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar”  -  “Life should be great rather than long” -

Release Dt:Jul 30, 2015      ₹ 10 coins issued to commemorate "International Day of Yoga" - "A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves." — Terri Guillemets -

Release Dt:Apr 16, 2015      Issue of ₹ 10 coins to commemorate the occasion of "Centenary commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi's return from South Africa" - "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. " -

Release Dt:Jul 17, 2014       Issue of ₹ 10 coins to commemorate the occasion of "Diamond Jubilee of Coir Board" - Coconut is one of those love-hate ingredients. Marcus Samuelsson -

Release Dt:Aug 29, 2013     Issue of ₹ 10 coins to commemorate the occasion of "Silver Jubilee of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board" - May Maa Durga bestow you and your family with 9 forms of blessings- fame, name, wealth, prosperity, happiness, education, health, power and commitment. -

Release Dt:Jun 14, 2012      Issue of coins to commemorate the occasion of "60 years of the Parliament of India"

Release Dt:Jul 22, 2011       Issue of new series of Coins

Release Dt:Apr 01, 2010      PM releases Commemorative Coin Set; FM releases Mint Road Milestones: RBI at 75

Release Dt:Feb 11, 2010      Issue of new Commemorative Circulation Coin of Rs.10/- denomination (bi-metallic) on the occasion of "HOMI BHABHA BIRTH CENTENARY YEAR"

Release Dt:Mar 26, 2009    New Coins of ₹ 10/- (Bi-metallic) with the theme – "Unity in Diversity"

Release Dt:Mar 26, 2009    New Coins of ₹ 10/- (Bi-metallic) with the theme – "Connectivity and Information Technology "

          Go ahead and enjoy the wide variety of ₹ 10 coins circulating in our country