Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Way Ahead for Siddipet CashLess Journey @ Harish Rao Thanneeru - The positive effect of Demonetisation

Read more of Shri Harish Rao Thanneeru efforts to popularise CashLess Transactions in Siddipet .

          This is in continuation of my earlier Post . The villages in Siddipet Assembly Constituency have yet to begin the race.

          A support system is required for these villages to begin the race and take this forward.

          The main differentiator in this attempt is to convert a number of villages simultaneously from a Cash economy to a Digital economy.

As per Census 2011 Data, Siddipet Mandal has 21 villages.  

As per the official site of Siddipet District, there are 29 villages.

At this moment the number of villages does not matter. What matters is the race to win the coveted prize of INR10,00,00/- and the associated publicity.

The focus is on CashLess villages due to the following reasons:-

01)  Small footprint
02) Low population
03) Less obstacles

Other CashLess villages in India

a)     At Akodara, India’s first digital village
b)    Maharashtra Gets Its First 'Cashless Village'
c)     ICICI Bank to transform 100 villages into ‘ICICI Digital Villages’ in 100 days

11 ways to take this forward

Way No 01 : - A new website named as

Way No 02 : - Dedicated control room to track the progress

Way No 03 : - Dedicated SPOCs in each Village

Way No 04 : - Adoption of each village by an educational institution

Way No 05 : - Daily updates on

Way No 06 : - The best innovative ideas to be highlighted on

Way No 07 : - Funds from MLA Constituency Development Fund can be deployed to run this campaign

Way No 08 : - Dedicated FaceBook Page to highlight the achievements of villages in the run-up to the final prize

Way No 09 : - New age technologies to be explored instead of traditional methods

Way No 10 : - Invite Abhishant Pant to spread the Joys of CashLess transactions

Way No 11 : - Organise cultural programs to spread the benefits of Digital Transactions

Of the various multiple options available in the market the most promising is COOPaisa – The Cooperative Digital Currency

The next question is which Bank can quickly scale up this in Villages under Siddipet constituency.

Couple of Banks which come to my mind are:

Bank No 1:- APGVB - We are with you!
Reason 01 --- 775 plus branches
Reason 02 --- Winner of Best-IT enabled Regional Rural Bank for year 2016-17
Reason 03 --- APGVB is familiar with Alternate Delivery Channels

Bank No 2:- Andhra Bank
Reason 01 --- Head office at Hyderabad
Reason 02 --- Multiple products for CashLess modes

Reason 01 --- Local Bank
Reason 02 --- Tech savvy Bank

Bank No 4:- Gayatri Bank
Reason 01 --- Local Cooperative Bank
Reason 02 --- Capability to scale up quickly

Bank No 5:- State Bank of Hyderabad
Reason 01 --- Lead Bank for erstwhile Medak District
Reason 02 --- Head Office in Hyderabad