Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BHIM Referral Bonus and Cash Back credits to be routed through NPCI ACH Credit Module

            One of the important marketing tools to attract new users to a product is the referral bonus tool. The same tool is being implemented to scale up BHIM Transactions. The download numbers for BHIM APP are huge, however the number of transactions is not equivalent of the APP downloads.

            To scale up transaction volumes, Shri Narenda Modi has announced referral bonus for BHIM users, for individuals as well as merchants.

            The detailed guidelines can be read here.

            As BHIM is not a eWallet, the cashback cannot be stored in BHIM, the hard cash has to be credited to a proper bank account.

            This is where the power of NPCI ACH Credit Module comes in. The referral bonus and the merchant cashback credit will be routed through the NACH ACH Credit Module to the respective bank accounts. NPCI already has the details of the connected bank accounts of VPA. Hence, basing on the eligible BHIM users VPA, the bank accounts are pulled out and the NACH Credit file is prepared.

            The details of the new ACH Credit session are as under:

Session Name – ACH CR 5

Type – BHIM Customer Referral / Merchant Cash Back

Presentation timings – 07:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs

Return session timings -  (T+9) – 12:00hrs to 17:00hrs

Important points:

01) The beneficiaries account details are derived from the actual BHIM transactions, hence there should be NIL Returns.

02) In the rare event of Banks unable to credit the respective bank accounts for reason ‘bank account closed’,   or similar reasons, Bank should issue DD/PO favouring the customer/merchant and inform NPCI.

03) Still if the banks desire to return any transactions, they should isolate such transactions and inform NPCI of their decision to return the transactions. NPCI in consultation with the banks will decide further course of action.

04) NPCI will monitor the return (response) data submitted by  banks and will reject the upload the return response files for the below two scenarios::--

a)    Return transactions are uploaded without prior approval from NPCI
b)   The response uploaded with the required data  is not in the format as prescribed by NPCI /data missing/invalid data/junk information.

The referral bonus  and merchant cash back is valid only for “Unique BHIM users”:

  “Unique BHIM users”: A user will be categorized as unique user only if his/her mobile number, bank account is unique to any other BHIM user. Below table showcases all the cases but not limited for identification of unique users. NPCI will determine in our sole discretion whether the customer is a unique user Mobile No. Bank Account Category

            The latest version of BHIM has a separate window for ‘Rewards’

The interface to verify your Referral Rewards is user-friendly. Just follow these 3 steps, nothing more-nothing less,

1.     Input your Login Pin in the BHIM app in your mobile and in the main menu tap on ‘transactions’ option.

2.    Now click on the top right corner and Tap on ‘rewards’ button.

3.    By pressing it a menu will open. Here all your referral credits will be listed. This will be NIL till you are eligible for BHIM rewards.